The 6-week online program exclusively for Cypriot founders globally.

Meet top Cypriot founders, investors & experts, exchange feedback and explore new business opportunities.

The program has started! Stay tuned for the next one!

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The Pillars

oofice hours graphic image
Office hours

Attend to weekly live Q&As with successful startup founders, and investors of your country

funding graphic image

Take part in weekly online sessions covering 6 topics that are most valuable to an early-stage tech startup founder

community graphic image

Interact with the European Startup Universe community in the forum

educational material graphic image
Educational content

Receive a weekly curated list with educational content & resources

1-on-1 graphic image
1-on-1 online meetings

Get access to 1-on-1 online meetings with EU fundraising experts, corporates, lawyers, and accountants

offers & discounts graphic image

Use discounted or even free services, products and other limited offers

€200+M in funding opportunities if you are looking for funding.

Angel investors

Complete 7/8 progress reports to access Cyprus-origin angel investors looking to fund startups in your industry

Who is this for? Startups in very early stages
Total money to be invested: €300K
Angels invest through Equity 7-9%, convertible note

VCs, Angel funds & family offices

If you complete 7/8 progress reports and you are a startup with product & revenues looking for additional funding we can connect you with Cyprus-origin angel funds, family offices & VCs in our network.

Who is this for? Startups in pre-seed or seed stage
Total money to be invested: €200M
VCs, Angel funds & family offices invest through Equity (depends on maturity)

Meet our country organizer

Panis Pieri
Panis Pieri
Founder of Startups364

Personal quote:
Europe has a huge potential to be the next startup continent. It has lots of problems to solve and a multicultural dimension that other continents lack. The last 15 years I have helped a lot of startup business to launch or achieve specific growth goals. As a startup journalist I love to write stories about early stage startups. The vision of the program aligns with my personal values. Cyprus has a lot to offer to the European Ecosystem. It can be the tech hub of three continents. Let's build 10,000 startups in Europe.

Meet our team

Christina Amyrotou profile photo
Christina Amyrotou

PR & Communications Manager

Souzana Constantinou profile photo
Souzana Constantinou

Social Media Manager

Christina Metaxa profile photo
Christina Metaxa

Operation Manager

Meet our speakers

Theodoros Kringou profile photo
Theodoros Kringou

Founder and Director at Infocredit Group

Dr Panayiotis Philimis profile photo
Dr Panayiotis Philimis

Founder and CEO of CyRIC, the Cyprus Research & Innovation Center and Gravity Ventures Incubator

Christiana Aristidou profile photo
Christiana Aristidou

Founder & CEO at “the Hybrid LawTech Firm” empowered by Christiana Aristidou LLC

Kyriacos Kokkinos profile photo
Kyriacos Kokkinos

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

Argyris Argyrou profile photo
Argyris Argyrou


Marina Hatsopoulos profile photo
Marina Hatsopoulos

Entrepreneur & Writer
Board Chair, Levitronix Technologies

Dr Elias Hadjielias profile photo
Dr Elias Hadjielias

Professor of Entrepreneurship Cyprus University of Technology

Dimis Michaelides profile photo
Dimis Michaelides

Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker

Christos Ellinas profile photo
Christos Ellinas

Cofounder & CTO at Nodes & Links

Victor Trokoudes profile photo
Victor Trokoudes

Co-Founder and CEO of Plum

Christodoulos Protopapas profile photo
Christodoulos Protopapas


Alexis Pantazis profile photo
Alexis Pantazis

Co-Founder and Director of Hellas Direct

Emilios Markou profile photo
Emilios Markou

Co-Founder and Director of Hellas Direct

Anna Prodromou profile photo
Anna Prodromou

PR, Communications & DEI Consultant

Yael Tamar profile photo
Yael Tamar

CEO & Co-founder of SOLIDBLOCK

Konstantinos Kareklas profile photo
Konstantinos Kareklas

Agile Transformation Consultant

Nina Nikolich profile photo
Nina Nikolich

Swiss EP, Program Officer

Martin Zarian profile photo
Martin Zarian

Co-Founder and Design Director at Factory39

Stelios Spiliotis profile photo
Stelios Spiliotis

Partner at Sagehill Partners

Myrto Papathanou profile photo
Myrto Papathanou

Partner at Metavallon VC

Panos Odysseos profile photo
Panos Odysseos

Business Development Manager at ASBIS

Lisa Patti profile photo
Lisa Patti

Founder of C3Speech

Nikos Gazetas profile photo
Nikos Gazetas

UX Specialist

Dr. Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades profile photo
Dr. Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades

Biotech innovator and entrepreneur

Meet our mentors

Yiannis Menelaou profile photo
Yiannis Menelaou

Managing Director OvalMoney Europe

Celia Hadjichristodoulou profile photo
Celia Hadjichristodoulou

Founder and Managing Director at GrantXpert Consulting

Kyriacos Stylianides profile photo
Kyriacos Stylianides

Managing Director/Founder at Supernova Consulting

Michalis Michael profile photo
Michalis Michael


Mike Charalambous profile photo
Mike Charalambous

Co-Founder & CEO at Threedium

Tim Fadeev profile photo
Tim Fadeev

CBDO Heatherglade Game Studio

Monica Ioannidou Polemitis profile photo
Monica Ioannidou Polemitis

Executive Director at AIFM

Antigoni Komodiki profile photo
Antigoni Komodiki

CEO at JA Cyprus

Anna Prodromou profile photo
Anna Prodromou

PR, Communications & DEI Consultant

Pavlos Loizou profile photo
Pavlos Loizou


Christos Christodoulou profile photo
Christos Christodoulou

Managing coordinator at The Cyprus Institute
Helping companies integrate Artificial Intelligence in their workflows

Nick Sorros profile photo
Nick Sorros

Founder at MantisNLP

Ana Lizzethe Pardo Tarabay profile photo
Ana Lizzethe Pardo Tarabay

Chief Marketing Officer

Natasa Christou profile photo
Natasa Christou

Sustainability Consultant
Innovation Advisor

Theo Georgiou profile photo
Theo Georgiou

Lead Technology Manager at DB

Patrick Heneise profile photo
Patrick Heneise

CEO at Zentered

Manolis Lemonakis profile photo
Manolis Lemonakis

nternational Sales
Commercial & Business Development Executive
Chief Revenue Officer
SaaS, BaaS Payment Services

Andreas Mathikolonis profile photo
Andreas Mathikolonis

Senior Investment Analyst at Quonota Investments

George Georgiou profile photo
George Georgiou


Ayşem Zorlu profile photo
Ayşem Zorlu

Founder & Entrepreneur

Demetris Zamboglou profile photo
Demetris Zamboglou

Chief Operating Officer at CFI Financial Group

Hess Adnani profile photo
Hess Adnani

Co-Founder at Soxmedia
Chapter Director at Startup Grind
Serial Entrepreneur

Dr Sotiris Themistokleous profile photo
Dr Sotiris Themistokleous

Director of Strategic Development at Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

Demetris Hadjisofocli profile photo
Demetris Hadjisofocli

CEO of Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

Hasmik Matevosyan profile photo
Hasmik Matevosyan

Author, Teacher, Pre-Production Specialist

Michalis Strouthos profile photo
Michalis Strouthos

CEO of Cocoon Creations

Victoria Kostic-Nola profile photo
Victoria Kostic-Nola

General Manager, Consultant, Founder at VIZ VENTURES (boutique advisory)

Michael Tyrimos profile photo
Michael Tyrimos

Managing Director at Capacitor Partners

Michalis Antoniou profile photo
Michalis Antoniou

Chief Product Officer at Hellas Direct

Natalia Demetriou profile photo
Natalia Demetriou

Founder of Bandster

Tom Borgerding profile photo
Tom Borgerding

Business Mentor, Coach, Advisor

Stavriana Nathanail profile photo
Stavriana Nathanail

Head of Opium Works Digital

Alexandra Govorukha profile photo
Alexandra Govorukha

Head of International PR at Sigma Software Group

Evelthon Iacovides profile photo
Evelthon Iacovides

Founder of Epsilon Consulting

Sotiris Makrygiannis profile photo
Sotiris Makrygiannis

Entrepreneur & Growth Expert

Michael Georgiou profile photo
Michael Georgiou

Co-founder at Imaginovation and MagicTask

Demetris Nicolaides profile photo
Demetris Nicolaides

Partner at SageHill Partners

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